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Should I take Music or Music Technology?

I like to compose.
Music or Music technology?

Posted by Kindest Girl In the World

In music, the exam consists of analysing set works. Part of the coursework is doing performance of already written pieces. And the other half of the coursework is composing whatever you like normally either on a program or using your instrument. In music technology, you'll be looking at how to use equipment and how to use programs such as cubase. I think there is some composition in music tech using programs such as cubase (or whatever program the college/sixthform uses) and also I believe there is are a couple set works you can choose from and then you must recreate that song using sounds on that program. Music is a lot harder than music technology. A LOT harder and analysing all the set works in Music is very boring, but I think there is more composition in music.

What is the magic behind music ?

Why everyone likes music ? And who discovered music ? Who was the wonder man who brought music in the world ?

Posted by shubham_2206

I just love music. I don't know who discovered it and who brought it. I can't imagine life without listening to music. Music is great, magical, divine, pure, wonderful, miraculous. Even dance is incomplete without music.

Could you live without music?

I love music so much. I want to know if and why you love music too!!!


Posted by claudine sophia

Music is my first love and it will be my last
music of the future music of the past
to live without my music
would be impossible to do
in this world of trouble
my music pulls me through (classic)

Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up [Official Music Video]

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